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CSL has been running collegiate tournaments for 10 years. We created collegiate esports!

Our player base consistently ranks our leagues and tournaments as their favorite competitive experience. Players enjoy participating in CSL for our competitive and social environment. In a recent post season poll, over 85% of players said they would return next year!

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The Collegiate StarLeague is the premier collegiate esports league and tournament operator. We host twelve games across five platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo) including some of the world's top titles. We're home to 40,000+ students, 5,500+ teams, on 1500+ campuses and over 40+ live events making CSL the home of competition on colleges across North America.

Our community is itching for an organized Fortnite Collegiate Championship, both online and in-person. We want to provide them the opportunity to compete!








An epic online league pitting college teams against one another in weekly battle royale matches. At the end of the season, the top players will drop down in SoCal to fight for the Fortnite Collegiate Championship.


Squads are placed into groups based on their region

2 Games Weekly

Weekly matches consist of 2 games, squads earn points based on their placement and number of kills in each game, given by a multiplier

12 Week Season

At the end of the 12 week regular season the top 16 squads in each region advance to a regional playoff

Top 4 Advance

The top 4 squads from each regional playoff advance to the live event

Where We Droppin'?

Catch the live Fortnite Collegiate Championship

With our event partners at Ultimate Media Ventures, we'll bring a unique experience to the CSL Championship. The top 16 squads will be flown to compete for $100,000 in scholarships in front of a crowd of cheering fans.

Streamin' The Dream

Event coverage pushed network wide

CSL has a multi-year partnership with Twitch as our exclusive distribution platform. This season we broadcast over 500 hours of live gameplay across our two channels. With a curated group of collegiate focused casters, our players and teams get treated to pro-level production as they compete on their road to a collegiate championship.

Each game has a custom graphics package to create an unrivaled look and feel. CSL is the leading content creator and distributor of collegiate esports.


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